The Tip of the Iceberg

Can we tell you a secret?
We have been running  Business Design training programs and projects for almost 10 years now. We love the methodology and are humble enough to reflect ourselves and our project teams on a regular basis. What we have experienced, however, is the following: 

Applying Business Design as a methodology is not the most difficult part for most of the teams we have met the last 10 years. This is only the tip of the iceberg, the cherry on the cake. The difficult part is something under the surface, not even obvious, and many people actually hate talking about it.

It is the basic work attitude of you as a coach, of the project team and everyone else involved in Business Design. And here we talk about the other 80% of the iceberg below the surface. 

The Tip of the Iceberg

We mean things like:

  • Taking responsibility for a project

  • Being open for new perspectives

  • Using a simple and tangible language

  • Keeping the focus / thread in conversations

  • Managing personal tasks

  • "Getting things done“ mentality

  • Searching for simple / unconventional solutions

  • Doing things that are not fun

  • Deducting logic conclusions from facts

  • Working in teams (communication, cohesion, norms, conflicts etc.)

It is so essential to look at those things when coaching a project team. Do care about task management, organize "Getting Things Done" workshops and keep track of what a project team is doing (and not doing) week by week, sometimes day by day (the Project Workspace is an excellent tool for this task). We call it "deep work", which has more influence on the success of an innovation project than the actual methodology. We have to admit that .

Good Readings

  • Sawyer, K.: Group Genius - The Creative Power of Collaboration, Basic Books (Amazon)

  • Newport, C.: Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World, Piatkus (Amazon)