Video Stage

The idea of the Video Stage is to give project teams a handy tool that allows them to translate the DNA of a newly created Business Model into a short, simple and visual story as a 60 sec. video. Download our template and go through our instructions.

1. Overview

This exercise forces a project team to figure out the key arguments of their business model and and helps them wrap it into a short story that can be easily understood even by externals. 

To produce the video, the project team will be asked to revisit its business model, craft a crisp storyline that illustrates the DNA in very simple (and non-technical) words and fit to the chosen target audience for the video (e.g. customers, project sponsor, investor, partners). Finally, they have two find visual cliparts in our library that underpins the story. After that, the cliparts will be placed around the video stage in the right order and a camera will be placed in the clamp that is installed above the Video Stage. Finally, a team member starts reading out the story and another team members moves the cliparts on and off the stage. The whole scenery will be recored with the camera. The videos are usually produced in the Design Phase after the development of future scenarios such as business models.

2. Layout & Download

Video Stage
Video Stage (335.74 KB)

3. Usage Scenarios

Translating a business model (product, service or software) into a short, simple and visual story.

4. Instructions for Coaches

  1. A story of 60 sec. usually consists of approximately 140 words.

  2. Some teams become quite nervous when you turn on the camera. Just tell them that they can practice the whole story first. Nevertheless, record even the dry runs. Sometimes they are already perfect.

  3. Focus on the story and the process of creating the story. The quality of the video is secondary.

  4. Instead of manual animation of visuals, you can even animate them in software applications such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote or Adobe Premiere. However, the effort for unexperienced users is usually higher than just producing the videos with pen, paper, scissor and your smart phone.

5. Tools & Materials

6. Q & A

  • What if a project team has difficulties to handle all these clip arts it has prepared? Advise not to use more than 12 cliparts for a movie of 60 sec.

  • What if a special clipart is missing in the library? Draw!

7. Example Clipart

Example Clipart

8. Impressions