Checking Readiness

You are in the middle of the Setup Phase and currently preparing your Project Charter? Before starting a Business Design project, it is important to reflect upon the level of knowledge you have concerning your current customers and users. If you are in constant contact with them, have a clear picture of your customer segments and understand their basic problem(s) you have the perfect basis to come up with new ideas. In the Discover phase, you will have time to collect all existing data and clarify matters of detail with them. In case you have no direct contact to customers and users and everything you think you know about their problem(s) is basically just guessing, we highly recommend to conduct a Field Study prior to the Business Design sprint to understand the world of your customers and users and come up with a customer segmentation. It's worth it!

Business Design sprints also require a wisely chosen Project Team to succeed. A sponsor with the right standing and commitment as well as highly motivated team members that are trained in Business Design. Whenever you are not sure about your team setup, fix it before you start! Last but not least, Business Design sprints are not R&D projects. Whenever your draft solution shall include a certain technology, which is not yet ready to be included into products and services, continue your R&D activities before starting a Business Design sprint.

Check out if you are prepared to kick off a Business Design project! If you can tick the boxes of all questions and got your Project Charter ready: Kick it off!

  • Do you have a clear use case in mind you want to tackle in the Business Design project? A use case consists of customers and users, a specific problem or challenge they have and a potential solution space.

  • Does the chosen sponsor have the necessary power and influence to protect and support the team?

  • Does the sponsor show full commitment to the project and supports the Business Design approach?

  • Is a team of (trained) experts selected and has time and resources for the project?

  • Is the technology we may need for our solution space ready for integration in marketable products / services? (TRL 8/9)