Sponsor's Sneak Preview

Keeping your sponsor informed is an important activity during the Business Design process. Find the key topics for a sponsor's sneak preview on this page.
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Karl Rabes

Business Design Coach

1. Purpose

Schedule regular (i.e. every 2 weeks) meetings or video calls (incl. screen sharing) with the sponsor of a project together with the coach and the innovation manager with the following agenda:

  • Present findings and results generated since last time (5 min.)

  • Discuss critical issues of the project only the sponsor can solve (10 min.)

  • Present and agree on the next steps in the project (5 min.)

The innovation manager documents the outcomes of the meeting by sending a short email to the coach and the sponsor right after the meeting. 

2. Duration

20 min.

3. Participants

4. Instructions for Coaches

Have the Action Plan open to better guide the discussion.

Sometimes it is necessary to report a project's status to more than one manager. Think about the setup what would work best for you: Either you update them all in one call or you do individual sessions with each of them.

It really depends what works best in what situation. But very often we have experienced that individual touch points are better than collective discussions with a certain level of "political noise".