Tools for Inspiration

We use Tools for Inspiration to trigger a change of perspectives and fuel discussions in Business Design projects. Have a look at them and get inspired!

We use Tools for Inspiration mainly in the Design Phase when ideating business ideas. We consciously trigger a change of perspectives to fuel discussions, especially during the Design Workshop.

We use some other tools & gadgets throughout the whole process like our Business Design Box and our Anti-Bullsh*t Spray to inspire team members and internal stakeholders to get to know and apply the Business Design approach.

Please find an overview here:



Thinking caps

"Thinking caps" can be used to examine problems from different perspectives. 


Creative ideas can be designed by combining different existing ideas in a new way.


Converting negative criticisms into positive suggestions helps your team to further develop ideas step by step.

Breaking with old thought patterns

Consciously breaking with old thought patterns helps your team to make room for more creative ideas by setting aside obvious ones. 

Extreme goals

Extreme goals inspire your team to think differently and liberate them from their habitual way of thinking.

Trigger questions

Trigger questions can help your team to evaluate ideas and flesh out ideas coming from different angles.


Innovative business models often follow typical patterns. Get inspired from other industries (see Business Model Inspirator and Big Data Inspirator as examples below).

Business Model Inspirator

We have developed the Business Model Inspirator featuring innovative patterns how business models can be improved in certain areas.

Big Data Inspirator

The Big Data Inspirator has been designed to help you understand all the ways in which data can help add value to your business.

Business Design Box

Some of the key guiding and inspiring Business Design tools are part of our Business Design Box. Use it as marketing material to present Business Design without Powerpoint or as working material to kick-start participants of trainings or workshops right at their desk.

Business Design Starter Kit

We also have a complete Business Design Starter Kit that provides you everything you need for your first Business Design project, from Business Design Boxes for every workshop participant, workshop materials, tools & gadgets, process carpets and worksheets for a full 10-week iteration. 

Anti-Bullsh*t Spray

Well, and sometimes we need a "wake-up call" for our team to stop high-level buzzword conversations. We love to use our Anti-Bullsh*t Spray to do so.

Super Hero Pills

Our Super Hero Pills help to increase self-confidence under extreme uncertainties.