Miro Boards

Yes, we also use Miro in Business Design Sprints. We created a Miro Board template - from the initial Kick-off Workshop to the Decide Workshop. Feel free to use it in your own innovation projects.

In some of our projects, we use a Miro Board to facilitate (parts of) a Business Design Sprint in a virtual work environment. Our set of Tools for Guidance stays the same, whether workshops are online or offline. If you know Miro, you maybe experienced already that it is a powerful tool, but visual collaboration can become quite chaotic. We love structure, not only in offline workshops. That is why we created our own Miro Board template to support virtual Business Design Sprints - from the initial Kick-off Workshop to the Decide Workshop.

We use three swim lanes in this board to structure each phase of the Business Design Process.

  • The facilitation lane: We use this lane for the introduction at the beginning of each workshop (e.g. Kick-off Workshop, Design Workshop, Validate Workshop, Review Workshop, Decide Workshop), to explain key activities and highlight what is important for today. You may know this from our Moderation Walls already.

  • The working lane: We use this lane for synchronous teamwork during our virtual workshops. This is where we usually work with our core tools (e.g. Business Model and Hypotheses & Experiments)

  • The inspirational / input lane: This is where we collect input or other inspirational materials from asynchronous teamwork and homework between workshops.

Additionally, we integrated an area for teamwork reflection after each phase and an area for task management (but this highly depends on the team itself and which tools they prefer for task management). Obviously, we adapt this basic structure for every sprint but it helps us to get started quickly.

Miro board linkhttps://miro.com/app/board/uXjVOUbVyFY=/?share_link_id=293276394032

Drop us a line, if you need editing rights to use it in your own workshops.