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We publish everything you need to close the gap between new business ideas and first revenue. This knowledge base is comprised of 100+ tightly edited pages designed to share everything you should know about Business Design.

Start with our introduction to the world of Business Design if you are a newbie to this topic.
Learn about the collaboration of various roles within Business Design projects to design your next innovation.
Build and validate your innovation despite extreme uncertainties in a structured process.
Prototype your way to success: Validate your ideas and change how your team thinks, feels and acts.
Management System
Orchestrate the entire end-to-end innovation process and multiple projects in a management system.

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Tools for IoT Prototyping

Tools for IoT Prototyping

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Picture of the Future

Picture of the Future

This article is for advanced Business Designers, who want to bring their Business Design projects...

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Sustainable Business Model Patterns

Sustainable Business Model Patterns

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Who is writing here?

We are a group of engaged innovation practitioners and scientists who keep adding fresh content week by week based on our real-life experience in corporates and universities throughout Europe.

  • I build management systems for innovation and make sure that Business Design is a consistent and practical framework to truly enable innovators

    • - building systems for innovation management
    • - designing future scenarios
    • - coaching entrepreneurs and managers
    Bernhard Doll
    Bernhard Doll
    Business Design Maverick
  • The value of Business Design develops when being thought in a broader context of an organisation by

    • - linking picture of the future and strategy to innovation initiatives
    • - designing mgmt. systems that serve humans
    • - allowing organisations to learn from own behaviour
    Kai Dierkesmann
    Kai Dierkesmann
    Innovation Mgmt. System Designer
  • Coaching innovation teams has a substantial impact on what teams can achieve. I help teams to

    • - address their challenges
    • - work under extrem uncertainty
    • - stay focused and clear on the business innovation objectives
    Danny Locher
    Danny Locher
    Business Design Coach
  • Customer research in theory sounds simple, in practice it’s quite a challenge. I love to

    • - create research setups
    • - understand customers in detail
    • - analyse results to derive implications for Business Design

    Sabine Schön
    Sabine Schön
    Business Design Field Researcher
  • I enable teams to turn initial ideas into real revenue. My focus is to support teams to

    • - discover golden nuggets
    • - design business models with "magic"
    • - validate them under real conditions

    Karl Rabes
    Karl Rabes
    Business Design Coach
  • I build prototypes to help teams to test their hypothesis in their business models. But also to spark trust, identification, excitement and love. I build

    • - landing pages, mock-ups, click-dummies
    • - and even full-blown lean offerings / MVPs
    • - which we test with real customers and users
    Markus Sorg
    Markus Sorg
    Business Design Prototyper

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