Sticky Notes Exercise

Sticky Notes Exercise

Since we use many sticky notes in Business Design workshops to capture ideas,  thoughts and results, it is important to agree on simple rules how to use them:

  1. Every sticky note should be readable, otherwise it is almost impossible to document the results of workshop or reuse the results later on.

  2. Every sticky note should be understandable - even for external people, otherwise the chance will be high that people will ignore the note. No bullish*t.

  3. Every sticky note should cover only ONE idea (no bullet lists), otherwise it will be more difficult to change or improve single ideas.

  4. Every sticky note should be marked with the initials of the author, so that we can refer to the person in upcoming  discussions.

Do the following exercise for not longer than 10 min.

  1. Ask the members of a project team to brainstorm individually (5 min.)...

    1. ...what makes a good sponsor? or

    2. ...why (the hell) he or she she is part of the project team? or

    3. ...what would be a great success for the current project?

  2. Reflect the results in the team considering the rules from above.

Nominate a team member as "Sticky Note Sheriff" who keeps an eye on sticky notes throughout the process.