Topic Group 2: Team Coaching

Coaching innovation teams has a substantial impact on what teams can achieve and how an organization can leverage the results of Business Design projects. But coaching itself is a broad concept that in the context of Business Design needs to help teams address their challenges working under extrem uncertainty and far outside their comfort zone. In this group we invite you to join our discussion about taking the Business Design team coaching to the next level.
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Danny Locher

Business Design Coach

  • What defines a good Business Design Coach? Jack of all trades or highly specialized tool expert?

  • How do we evolve the role of a primarily functional methodology coach into a more holistic team coach that recognizes and responds to team challenges outside the methodology and toolbox?

  • Which „soft“ or psychological skills does a Business Design Coach should be familiar with and be able to deploy when needed?

  • How can we extend our set of Business Design coaching methods to include early warning and response methods for typical team challenges?

Being a Business Design Coach is so much more than just knowing a couple tools and canvases, there are many surrounding traits that make a good coach - let’s find them together!

Headed by

  • Eleni Georganta (Lead Research Group Teamwork | Leadership | Digital Age, TUM)

  • Danny Locher (Business Design Coach, Orange Hills)

  • Karl Rabes (Business Design Coach, Orange Hills)

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