Business Design Network

The Business Design Network brings the methodology to life and connects it with real human beings in companies, startups and universities around you. We have initiated the network not just as a community of Business Design practitioners but more generally, as a platform to connect, share and solve challenges together. In addition this helps us, to keep the tools and methods up-to-date, that we altogether are using.

Don't just think about cross-organisational exchange and collaboration. Do it! - Join our Business Design Network on LinkedIn.

Business Design Network Meeting

Our Business Design Network Meetings (Events) are held twice a year and provide a great opportunity to connect with an active group of Business Design experts, coaches and practitioners. The participants of this meetings are actively applying Business Design in a wide range of organisations, making this meetings a great opportunity to exchange with likeminded people, get different perspectives or use it as a start for a collaboration between organisations.

We are looking forward to finally switch back to onsite sessions and meet a good group of people in the heart of Munich for an inspiring session but will offer a virtual session at least once a year.

The good news for those that can't travel is: Our Business Design Network online meetings are free of charge but do have restricted number of participants per session to allow for good discussions and a personal exchange. Don't miss the next meeting and get yourself on our attendee list already today!

Business Design Topic Groups

In 2022 we are introducing four special Topic Groups to our Business Design Network to foster discussion and collaboration within four key areas that have an essential impact on the success of Business Design efforts. Members of these groups will have the opportunity to meet, exchange and collaborate even more closely in between the Business Design Network meetings.

Learn more about our four Topic Groups following the links to their group pages:

All four groups are co-organised by an Orange Hills Business Design expert and a university/industry subject matter expert. Even though that will ensure topics in the groups will evolve in exchange with the latest thinking in that area, the value of these groups and meetings will be determined by all participants and their active collaboration.