Topic Group 1: System Building

Business Design can achieve even more when being thought in a broader context of an organisation. Linking strategy and a clear picture of the future with innovation initiatives is only one of several topics that need to be looked at. As well as other aspects of innovation management such as stakeholders, decision structures, KPIs for innovation management systems and many more. We will discuss several more aspects of innovation management systems and how they help to shape the future of an organisation by increasing certainty and clarity derived from Business Design sprint results.
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Kai Dierkesmann

Business Design Coach

  • Business Design Sprints are being conducted already. But why is this alone not enough?

  • Which challenges do organizations often face when designing systems for innovation management?

  • Which aspects do we really need to emphasise when developing a system for innovation management within an organisation?

  • How do I start right tomorrow not wasting time in too theoretic constructs?

  • Let us jointly identify critical aspects of innovation management in organisations and work on ways forward to let innovation happen.

Headed by

  • Kai Dierkesmann (Innovation Systems Expert Orange Hills)

  • Bernhard Doll (Business Design Maverik and Innovation Systems Expert Orange Hills)

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