Business Design Academy

Welcome to the Business Design Academy. We are 100% committed to help you become a professional Business Design Coach, facilitating successful projects with Business Design. If you are new to Business Design and not sure, whether Business Design is what you are looking for, you may find useful information in our Knowledge Base. If you are already into the Business Design basics and want to improve your skills, the Business Design Academy is the right place for you.

Certificate Program for Experts and Coaches

Our "Certificate Program Business Design & Innovation" is a special training format for management consultants and coaches as well as innovation managers of corporates, who aim to apply Business Design in real-life projects or want to roll out Business Design as part of an innovation management system.  After the successful completion of the program, participants officially receive the certificate issued by Orange Hills GmbH and TU MünchenThe program is offered twice (intakes in spring and autumn) a year and held in German.

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Customised In-House Trainings

We also offer highly customised training sessions for corporates specifically tailored to the trainings needs / desired skills and learning goals of an organisation. We are able to address many different target groups - from a general training of Business Design foundations for everyone to highly specialised trainings particularly for your prototypers or field researchers.

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