Customised In-House Trainings

You might have the need for something tailored towards your individual needs as a corporate in the area of Business Design. Our customised in-house trainings enable us, and you, to design and roll out the kind of qualification meeting your “job-to-get-done” perfectly.
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Karl Rabes

Business Design Coach

We offer highly customised training sessions for individuals, groups, departments and corporates specifically tailored to the trainings needs, desired skills and learning goals of each entity. You might just start learning something about Business Design in general, or looking for a highly specialised training particularly for your prototypers - we always listen first before designing and rolling out your program. Pilot run(s) are therefore always an essential ingredient of every customised training program and ensure that we hit the training needs, desired skills and learning goals just fine:

Designing Customised Trainings

We typically offer trainings for these groups:

  • Coaches

  • Team managers / experts

  • Sponsors / management

  • Prototypers / software developers

  • Field researchers

  • ...and more.

Learning goals can be designed around the following modules:

  • Listening to customers and users

  • Working in cross-disciplinary high-performance teams

  • Thinking in business models

  • Thinking in entrepreneurial opportunities

  • Facts-based decision-making

  • Virtual teamwork

  • Visualising ideas and concepts

  • Breaking up the power structure of an organisation

  • ...and more.

Typical in-house trainings

  • Business Design In-House Certification (5 days)

  • Business Design foundations for everyone (2 days with multiple intakes)

  • Management trainings for potential sponsors (0,5 days)

  • "Business Design meets “engineering mindset" (2 days)

  • Software / IoT prototyping training for developers (2 days)

  • Field research deep dive training (2 day)

  • …and more.

If you are interested in designing your customized in-house training, please reach out via