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We are experts for agile innovation management and help our clients become game-changers in their industries. If you need professional support in applying Business Design to your company, we are happy to hear from you. We have more than 15 years of experience in establishing innovation management systems, facilitating projects and training executives and employees based on Business Design. We offer three distinct services to our clients:

Revive innovation: Transformation

Our clients are aware that successful innovation requires an environment where ideas can flourish and be transformed into business. We strengthen the innovative ability of organisations by helping to establish the innovation management systems and the culture needed. Every client is different and innovation capacity requires support and coordination of the projects. We assist creating innovation structures, roles and tools and provide counseling for processes tailored for each individual client. Last but not least, we support the stakeholder management in establishing the acceptance required.

Ignite innovation: Facilitation

Many of our clients have already started their innovative journey yet realise that methodical competence and experience are missing. We enable teams to successfully implement innovation by coaching them from ideation to the market entry. The teams run through the five stages of our Business Design process in 10-week iterations. With every iteration, the marketability increases and the risks are reduced. A successful market entry usually requires two to three iterations.

Sparking innovators: Training

Our clients know that their staff is the key to successful innovations. We turn your employees into successful innovators by training them to think and act like business designers and offer 1 to 3 day training modules including:

  • Business Design Fundamentals
  • Business Design for Coaches
  • Physical and Digital Prototyping
  • Understanding Customers 

As part of our Business Design Certificate Program, we train executives and consultants to become successful Business Design coaches by providing them access to our complete methodology.

Please find more information about Orange Hills™ GmbH at

Teamwork Manifesto

As a highly specialised boutique consultancy, we have high ambitions and a clear picture on how we want to work together every day. The following five aspects are key for every employee or partner of Orange Hills™ GmbH. We always keep them in mind while working for our clients:

We rigorously stick to our Business Design principles

We never comprise our principles in how we design new business. It happens quite often that clients argue against certain key elements of Business Design dragging us implicitly into their “old world” just to stay within their comfort zone. Be aware of that and never follow their “advice” if it is against our principles. History taught us that every time we left the path of Business Design we directly manoeuvred into challenges that didn’t allow us to create outstanding results. No matter what we do, we make sure the Business Design principles are 100% incorporated - whatever it takes.

We surprise clients and colleagues with “WOW-moments”

It is part of our identity that we always strive to go beyond the average. We are always ahead of our clients and provide solutions that work or, as coaches, help clients find their solutions. We even see problems before they occur. We ultimately appreciate feedback such as: “Wow, that is the best XXX I have ever seen / experienced...” or “Gosh, you opened my eyes on that...” and don’t accept “it’s OK” solutions. The same is true when dealing with colleagues. Get your work done in a way that they will be happy and surprised with your results.

We make our clients successful.
We are not here to please them

At the end of the day, our job is not to create happy participants of trainings or delighted project teams. Sometimes we need to do things people don’t like! We get paid by our clients for highly successful innovation initiatives or projects that propel our clients into way better strategic positions in their markets and allow them to reach their goals. For trainings, the ultimate goal is to transform people‘s minds and empower them to successfully apply Business Design in their context. For projects, it is all about generating output that helps us meet the sponsors’ (entrepreneurial) objectives. Nothing else. We are not entertainers but business designers with a mission.

We relentlessly strive to become the best in our field

We aim to become truly subject-matter experts in applying Business Design and  our “Rockstar Areas”. We are the ones who inspire other people in our domain! Not yet? Keep reading good books in your and adjacent areas, watch interesting videos, browse through blogs, find experts who are better than you to learn from and practice a lot. Invest at least 20 min. of your time every day to do research or invest in yourself according to your personal development plan. Keep the Wiki pages at up-to-date at all times. Share your knowledge with others in our team. Make up a personal “development plan” to pave your way to excellence. Simply put: Become a rock star!

We stand together as a team

We can only succeed if we consider ourselves as a team. We proactively help each other, especially if somebody gets sick or is temporarily confronted with a high workload. We always respect each other. We communicate in the clearest and most efficient way possible. We stay connected every (work) day even if we work remotely. We love peer reviews and meet as a team at least once a month. We give honest and timely feedback, celebrate successes and embrace failures as an opportunity to improve.

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