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Download Link (PDF)Description
Target GroupsTemplate to segment customers and users.
Business ModelTemplate to visualise business models.
Financial Sanity CheckTemplate to flesh out a simplified profit & loss statement.
Hypotheses & ExperimentsTemplate to plan research design to validate a business model.
Lean OfferingsTemplate to prioritise functional and non-functional requirements for lean offerings.
Action PlanTemplate to manage tasks within a 10-week sprint.
Handy cards for different purposes along the Business Design process.
Business Design ProcessBusiness Design process as large poster .
Business Design GuideHandbook of the Business Design Box as PDF file.


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Guiding PrinciplesGuiding principles of Business Design as a good starting point to introduce Business Design to new team members, sponsors or other stakeholders.
Project CharterPlanning document for Business Design projects / sprints.

Business Design Process

Introduction to the Business Design Process and its phases:

  • Setup
  • Discover
  • Design
  • Validate (+ Implement)
  • Decide
Kick-off workshopFirst workshop in a Business Design sprint to align team members and prepare Discover phase.
Design workshopWorkshop to design future scenarios such as business models, services processes etc.
Review workshopWorkshop to analyze intermediary insights and prepare final presentations.
Decide workshopWorkshop to present the results to the sponsor and to make decisions on how to proceed.
GTD workshopWorkshop to "just" get things / shit done specifically in the Validate phase. 
Customer interviews (Discover phase)Guidelines on how to structure and set up interviews with customers and users in the Discover phase.
Role of an innovation managerBrief description of key activities of an innovation manager / team leader.
Role of an innovation expert

Brief description of key activities of an innovation expert / team member.

Role of a coachBrief description of key activities of a Business Design coach.
Project WorkspaceLink to our web-based project management platform for Business Design.
Video Overlay ControllerLink to our (internal) tool to customize our video streams for interactive trainings and workshops


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