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To support teamwork across locations, countries and even continents, we transfer (specific physical meetings into the virtual world with the help of tools for virtual collaboration. Here is a list of tools we use on a daily basis.

We will update this page frequently over the next weeks.


Microsoft TeamsThe standard in the corporate world for instant messaging. Well integrated into other Microsoft services, such as Sharepoint. Frankly speaking, we are not a big fan of it since the UI is not very transparent (even confusing). Nevertheless, we are happy to use if it makes things easier.
SlackA great tool for instant messaging with different channels, nice plugins to enhance the functionality and various possibilities to integrate the system into others tools and workflows.
ZoomThe best video conferencing tool we know. The system offers you to open several channels for breakout sessions and collaboration tools such as virtual whiteboards, screen sharing. Check it out!
Project WorkspaceManagement software specifically developed for Business Design with great features to set up projects, document results, visualise data from the Discover and Validate phase and work virtually on templates - in real-time.